What is Mapventure?
Mapventure is a blogging platform designed specifically for creating online travel journals.

Who’s behind Mapventure?
Mapventure is designed, developed and managed by Gabe Morton-Cook, a web designer/developer and avid traveler currently living in Chicago.

How do I ____________?
The management of all your posts, trips, photos and comments is done from the Mapventure administration area. To access this area, just click the ‘Manage Your Site’ button at the top right corner of your screen. If you are having trouble, the first place to look is in the help section there.

Can I control who sees my content?
All content published to your Mapventure blog is public.

Is it really free?
Mapventure is currently free for all users – no strings attached – as we build out a user base and begin creating a network of travel blogs. In the near future, we may begin including advertisements along with and among user submitted content in order to help fund the project. We may also roll out premium services such as ad-free sites and browsing, customized designs and other special services.